VISO is a Crypto VISA


Transform your smartphone into a contactless payment card

What’s VISO?

VISO is a payment system that combines
cryptocurrency and generally accepted payment
cards and terminals into a single environment.

Our know-how:


Open a VISO Wallet, transfer the cryptocurrency and a virtual bank card for contactless payments will be issued for you immediately, if your phone supports the NFC technology. You can make payments anywhere in the world, where Visa PayWave and MasterCard PayPass are accepted. Additionally, you can order a physical bank card with worldwide free delivery.


The PoS SMART Terminals combine a fiscal cash register, a banking terminal and a payment terminal with the possibility of receiving payments in cash, through bank cards and in cryptocurrency. A report of all purchases can be seen in the personal account of the seller.


A unique mechanism for investment return from Token purchases, which is built on their turnover growth in the secondary market. Each new user of VISO Cards will buy VITO which will fuel the cycle.

VISO Wallet: like your card, but much better

Receive salary, transfers and
deposits in fiat

Cryptocurrencies, with no limits

Pay rent, mortgage, broadband and other regular debits as usual

Make free-of-charge, unlimited worldwide transfers

Connect to exchanges via
API e.g. Coinbase, Kraken, Binance, etc

MVP is here

The first fully functional crypto-fiat bank account

Download the app and start using your seamless crypto-fiat account

You can't wait 15 minutes for transaction confirmation using BTC or ETH


Pay with ITO in a second

and get a cup of fresh,
tasty, Caramel Macchiato

$ 3.90 ≈ 1.2

Grab & Go!

VITO is above everything else

Immediate conversion to any crypto- or fiat currency when required

Over 42 million PoS terminals
globally are ready to accept
payments via VISO Wallet

Seamless exchange with VISO

Stop thinking about
rates and commissions!

VISO guarantees you the best exchange rates whatever currency you have to pay in

If crypto payments aren't accepted in your country: no worries, we'll
take care of it

Everything is legal, the
merchant gets fiat and the
VISO Wallet holder pays crypto

VISO uses the Waves blockchain platform which is much faster than any other system

Transaction confirmation time Average number of
confirmations required
20 min 5+
15 min 30+
3 min 8+
0.1 sec only 1

Because VISO uses the
Waves blockchain platform

Because VISO uses the
Waves blockchain platform

Free of charge domestic and international transfers & payment in VITO

Be a financial champion with VISO


Beautiful Georgia

Your new transparent
financial harbour


Retrieve financial freedom
globally with VISO

VISO Wallet isn't a bank with dozens of tricky tools and hidden terms: VISO Wallet is the simple tool you need on a daily basis

Virtual crypto/fiat NFC card optionally accompanied by a physical card Available worldwide

Cash from any ATM globally with no fees

Yes, really!

At VISO we don't charge
percentage feeson withdrawals
and always give you the best
market exchange rate

You get what your assets are worth,
without them being eaten up by extra fees

Instant account management
and next generation security

Freeze the card immediately via VISO Wallet app and manage your limits on the fly

Real time notifications and fingerprint/face payment confirmations

Get a push notification immediately after all account activity including payments, ATM withdrawals, direct debits and transfers

Get a push notification immediatelly after all account activity including payments, ATM withdrawals, direct debits and transfers

Single wallet for your global lifestyle


December 2017

developed and
launched processing

January 2018

in partnership with D8 Corporation,
received a certificate from VISA
and MasterCard on the issue of the
first cards based on their technology

February 2018

Developed and launched

ICO Complete

Q3 2018 - MVP

VISO Wallet

Unsold Tokens Burned

Q2 2019 - full-scale

launch of the whole


December 2017

developed and
launched processing

February 2018

Developed and launched

Q3 2018 - MVP

VISO Wallet

Q2 2019 - full-scale

launch of the whole

January 2018

in partnership with D8 Corporation,
received a certificate from VISA
and MasterCard on the issue of the
first cards based on their technology

ICO Complete

Unsold Tokens Burned

VISO Wallet options


VISO Wallet with virtual card

  • Contactless (HCE) Payment card
  • Crypto/fiat currencies

VISO Wallet with virtual payment card


Phisycal VISA or MasterCard linked to VISO Wallet


VISO Wallet with contactless payment card


VISO infinity Card

Unlock your limitless


Banking IT entrepreneur

Sergey Popov

A graduate of the Moscow Aviation Institute, majoring in economics. For 6 years headed the IT departments at various banks. Co-founder and currently Executive Director of CCT. The company is the official partner of VISA, MasterCard, UnionPay, JCB, BelCard, MIR, AliPay, Ingenico, RoamData, ElKart, Aton, SpirePayments, Samsung, D8Corporation and BBpos. Co-founder of PayMob, a mobile payment terminals manufacturing company. Corporate Employees: 40. Annual corporate turnover: $4 million.

VISO company CTO

Software Team Lead

Ann Tatarinchik

Ann Tatarinchik is a leading technology strategist and innovator with a reputation for building cutting-edge technology solutions that drive exponential growth. Ann has been instrumental in the success of a number of startup ventures by architecting new technology innovations that provide hi-tech automation on limited budgets.

Serial businessman

Grigoriy Gurbanov

A graduate of Turkmen State University, with a Specialty degree in Solid State Physics. Co-founder of Dogrulyk, a security systems company which implemented the Safe City project in Ashgabat. Co-founder of Turkmen-Transit, the No. 1 technology company in Turkmenistan. Co-founder of PayMob, a mobile payment terminals manufacturing company. Founder of the Union of IT companies in Turkmenistan. Corporate Employees: 150. Annual corporate turnover: $20 million.

VISO company partner

FinTech entrepreneur

Egor Petukhovsky

A graduate of the Moscow Power Engineering Institute, majoring in Computing Machines, Complexes, Systems and Networks. Founder of ART OF WEB, a company engaged in website development and front-end solutions for payment terminals which has implemented more than 500 projects. Co-founder and currently CMO of CCT, a company producing innovative IT solutions for the banking and financial industries which has sold more than 100,000 devices in the CIS in the last 6 years. Corporate Employees: 60. Annual corporate turnover: $8 million.

VISO company CMO

Ketevan Gugushvili

Administrative manager, head of VISO office in Georgia with expertise in accounting.

FinTech entrepreneur

Rodion Popkov

A graduate of the Ural Institute of Business, majoring in Information Economics. For 7 years held top IT positions at several Russian banks. Since 2015, managing partner of CREDIT CLUB GROUP, a company developing a brokerage credit platform.

VISO company COO

MENA Ambassador

Shehab Ahmed
شهاب احمد
سفير الشرق الاوسط و شمال افريقيا

Writer, business development strategist and Blockchain advisor with more than 10+ years experience in information security field, featured at Forbes & Engadget, experienced in both tech and marketing and certified Google partner with a strong tech and marketing network in the Middle East and Africa.


Francesco Redaelli

Co-Founder VP Business Development at Koinsquare | Advisory Board Member at Friendz, Akaiito and Volans | Blockchain and ICO Expert at ICObench

Giorgi Bichikashvili

Paybox CEO
«In Georgia, the VISO team has a reputation for excellence. In collaboration with PayBox service, we are setting up a VISO SMART terminals-based system to accept payments to third parties»

Amarpreet Singh

Amar is one of the leading advocates and contributing member of Global Blockchain community, Senior Advisor of Global Blockchain Foundation, ICOBench rated top 'Expert' and is Advisory Board Member of many Blockchain projects around the world.

Sasha Ivanov

«VISO is a serious project. We’re glad the Waves platform is going to unlock the full feature set for this project»

Vitor Lourenço

Marketing strategist and advisor with more than 20 years of business experience, Investor, and Founder. Presently managing the Marketing Strategy for innovative Blockchain projects. "As a highly reputable marketing strategist and adviser with a very colourful and successful career spanning over 20 years, Vitor’s business experience has truly made him an invaluable member of the VISO project. His impressive experience in Growth Marketing has earned him a rightful place in his current projects developing and setting their foundations in terms of strategy and positioning."

Sandis Puzulis

«CCT processing is already working in several successful projects, but in VISO it will show its full potential. I’m counting on the project to succeed»

Alexander Bekishev

«The VISO project is a breakthrough in the ease of payments. Georgia is a great country for starting the project»

Ivan Petukhovskiy

EXMO cryptocurrency exchange owner
«Good project. Good team! I’ve known the VISO project team for years. The project is bound to succeed»

Alex Sudadze

Bitcoin Embassy Georgia, CEO and Founder One of the first Bitcoin enthusiasts and miners in Georgia (6 years).
«VISO Project — the first biggest opportunity in the cryptoworld for my country. After some years, we will take pride in Georgia becoming one of the first high-tech countries to adopt blockchain technology as a global startup.»

Mass media