VITO token economy
What can I do with my VITO tokens?
  • Pay credit card purchases fees
  • Pay credit card issuance fees
  • Pay monthly credit card processing fees
  • Pay SMART terminal purchases fees
  • Pay SMART terminal maintenance fees
  • Pay VISO Shop purchases fees
  • Pay VISO Shop maintenance fees
  • Pay third-party payment fees
  • Pay stock market cryptocurrency conversion fees
  • Use as a means for money funds deposit and accumulation in VISO Wallet
  • Sell VITO on EXMO cryptocurrency market and other markets

Profit earning through VITO tokens
    • The benchmark price of one VITO token is 0,1 USD.
    • There is a limited amount of VITO tokens issued and sold on ICO.
    • The number of VITO tokens will not increase.
    • Once VISO payment system is launched 4-6 months after TokenSale is over there will be demand for VITO tokens on behalf of VISO card holders and VISO SMART terminals.
    • The lack of VITO tokens available on the market will lead to deficit which, according to exchange trade rules causes the rise in VITO against other cryptocurrencies.
    • The potential for the increase in the VITO token exchange rate is contingent upon the demand for VISO cards and VISO SMART terminals.
Increase in the VITO token exchange rate

Increase in token exchange rate is achieved through the demand on behalf of SMART terminal users and VISO card holders. VISO payment system users buy VITO tokens to pay for its services.

What’s VISO? 

VISO is a payment system that combines cryptocurrency and generally accepted payment cards and terminals into a single environment. Our know-how:

For buyers
Open a VISO Wallet, transfer the cryptocurrency and a bank card for contactless payments will be issued for you immediately, if your phone supports the NFC technology. You can make payments anywhere in the world, where Visa PayWave and MasterCard PayPass are accepted. Internet payments are also available to you through the Virtual card. Additionally you can order the issuance of regular cards with home delivery.
For merchants
The POS infrastructure of SMART-Terminals 3 in 1: fiscal cash register, banking terminal, payment terminal with the possibility of receiving payments in cash, through bank cards and in cryptocurrency. A report of all purchases can be seen in the personal account of the seller. A system of online stores is available, which can be created within one hour.
For investors
A unique mechanism for investment return from Token purchases, which is built on their turnover growth in the secondary market. Each new user of VISO cards will buy VITO tokens as payment commission.
Underlying technologies in VISO environment
VISO ecosystem
Bank cards
Personal account of the sellter
Bank cards
Pay from your phone and on the internet straight after setting up the Wallet. VISO HCE for purchases from the smartphone. VISO Virtual for purchases online. It is also possible to order classical bank cards VISO Lite with small limits and VISO Pro with limits for anything.
Exchange your cryptocurrency for VITO or VISO Wallet balance as fast as you need. Numerous cryptocurrencies.
Keep your money in the VISO wallet, pay from it using VISO cards or convert it to cryptocurrency. Balance can be in Euro, USD or Georgian Lari.
Innovative device 3 in 1: the device is a fiscal cashier, banking terminal and Android system. It will replace the usual banking terminal and cashier. Accept purchases through bank cards or cryptocurrency, print a receipt and receive payments for third parties from one device.
Build your own online store accepting cryptocurrencies and bank cards within an hour, without programming or extra costs. It has never been so easy to make a website.
Personal account of the sellter
Look at payments from all your SMART-terminals in your personal account. All cash and cashless purchases at each SMART-terminal can be seen in one window.
Tokens issued: VITO 1,000,000,000
Face value: USD 0,1.
Presale bonuses: 50%
Only Pre-VITO 10.000.000 is sold, which is then converted into VITO using a 1,5 multiple.
Bonuses for early purchase of VITO tokens
Private sale
bonus tokens
Day 1
bonus tokens
Days 2-7
bonus tokens
Week 2
bonus tokens
Week 3
bonus tokens
Week 4
bonus tokens
Week 5 and beyond
bonus tokens
Bonus tokens are issued on Waves Platform
Bitcointalk signature campaign
of total remuneration
Referral campaign
of total remuneration
For outstanding support
of total remuneration
Ivan Petukhovskiy
EXMO cryptocurrency exchange owner
«Good project. Good team! I’ve known the VISO project team for years. The project is bound to succeed»
Sasha Ivanov
«VISO is a serious project. We’re glad the Waves platform is going to unlock the full feature set for this project»
Alexander Bekishev
«The VISO project is a breakthrough in the ease of payments. Georgia is a great country for starting the project»
Giorgi Bichikashvili
Paybox CEO
«In Georgia, the VISO team has a reputation for excellence. In collaboration with PayBox service, we are setting up a VISO SMART terminals-based system to accept payments to third parties»
Igor Khmel
«I’ve known the VISO team for years. They know and love their stuff. True professionals»
Sandis Puzulis
«CCT processing is already working in several successful projects, but in VISO it will show its full potential. I’m counting on the project to succeed»
Alex Sudadze
Bitcoin Embassy Georgia, CEO and Founder One of the first Bitcoin enthusiasts and miners in Georgia (6 years).
«VISO Project — the first biggest opportunity in the cryptoworld for my country. After some years, we will take pride in Georgia becoming one of the first high-tech countries to adopt blockchain technology as a global startup.»
Rodion Popkov
Banker, financial products manager, project management specialist.
Egor Petukhovsky
Management of SMART-terminals production, management of processing and VISO Shop, management of WEB-projects development.
Ketevan Gugushvili
Administrative manager, head of VISO office in Georgia with expertise in accounting.
Sergey Popov
Terminals software development manager, banker, project management specialist.
Vasil Khanishvili
PhD in Economics. Businessman. 11 years’ experience implementing cashier machines projects in Georgia. 20 years’ experience as a tax authority officer.
Grigoriy Gurbanov
PhD in Economics. Management of acquiring network launch projects and cellular communications projects.
Use VISO to make your cryptocurrency payments from anywhere
The payment ecosystem of VISO provides a full cycle of technologies for receiving and making payments.
TOKEN SALE ends in
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